Conferences of University of Defence in Brno, ICMT 2015

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Internal Recirculation Channel Application in Centrifugal Compressors
Adolf Jilek, Petr Kmoch, Martin Poledno

Last modified: 2015-04-19


Centrifugal compressors with high pressure ratio usedin gas turbines often have a small range of stable operationregion, which has a negative impact on their operation. One ofthe contemporary arrangements aiming to extend its stableoperation regimes is to use specially shaped air flow by-passchannels (Internal Re-Circulation (IRC) systems) located at thecompressor inlet. The paper is focused on the evaluation ofdifferent shapes of the IRC in terms of air flow and losses in thesechannels, including the velocity distribution in front of theinducer, . Evaluation is based on the results of experiments withIRC physical models and calculations in CFD programs.


centrifugal compressor; stable operation region; internal recirculation channel; compressor characteristics.

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