Conferences of University of Defence in Brno, ICMT 2015

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Walsh-Hadamard Sequences for Binary Encoding of Radar Signals
Zdenek Matousek, Marian Babjak, Jan Ochodnicky

Last modified: 2015-04-19


In this paper performance of Walsh-Hadamardsequences (WHS) for binary encoding of radar signals isdescribed. It is shown that between WHS with length 8, 16 and 32it is possible to find a set of orthogonal sequences with goodproperties. Probability of correct range detection of selectedWHS in presence of active noise jamming is described and it iscompared with cases when Barker code is used for binaryencoding of radar signals and when widely used linear frequencymodulation inside pulse duration is used to spread spectrum ofradar signals.


Pulse compression methods; Radar signal processing; Spread spectrum radar.

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